DataArt management team, Mikhail Fedorov

Mikhail Fedorov

Head, DataArt Voronezh (Russia)

Voronezh, Russia

Mikhail joined  DataArt in 2005 and runs the company’s second largest R&D center, in Voronezh, overseeing all aspects of operations, production and HR management.  Since its opening, Voronezh office has grown from a  small regional outlet with a few developers to a 350+  powerful development team, recognized as the best IT team in the city.

Prior to joining DataArt, Mikhail ran his own IT consultancy and then spent over a decade  working as a developer, project manager and software architect at Relex, one of the leading software development companies in Voronezh.

Mikhail has MS in Physics from Voronezh State University.